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Sunny Leone sure knows how to strip tease, what do you think?

I know I have not posted for a while, that is because I have been watching the London 2012 Olympics which were great. So now back to looking at girls who know how to striptease I found this awesome video clip on Youtube of Sunny Leone’s sizzling striptease, what do you think? She is hot right?

Well I love this strip show of hers

Sarah White is a naked therapist to help men confess their problems. Looks like a sexy stripper to me!

Sarah White explains how she uses her hot sexy body in naked therapy to help men solve their problems. After seeing the youtube video, she looks like a very intelligent amateur stripper to me and very sexy.

If you do not have access to a naked therapist, then click this link to play with yourself with the hottest female strippers!

Check out the hot female strippers of Norma Jeans strip club in Baltimore

Just came across the Youtube video of an insight in the Norma Jeans strip club in Baltimore and damn the strippers are fucking hot! Check out this hot video of some crazy sexy strippers with some great Hip Hop and RnB tracks playing in the background. Actually fuck that, why not just go and visit the strip club?

Crazy Latina prick tease lapdance from hot babe Marjori

I think this show is in Spain or probably Latin America and I am not sure what the girls name is but people do seem to be chanting Marjori and she is just one hell of a prick tease. She has a guy on stage sat on a chair with his hands tied behind him then she begins to tease him with some neck kissing and then start bouncing hard up and down on his erect cock to give him some pain.

This prick tease style lap dancing continues and when you think she is going to get down and dirty by giving the guy a blow job she turns around and fills his opened trousers with cold ice and then bounces up and down on his cock – what a bitch, but totally sexy!

Here is another guy that falls for the sexy seductive nature of this hot chick but the only thing is although she is good at almost undressing guys she does not strip naked herself.

Stacy Keibler of WWF gives late night hot sexy strip tease! Beautiful body and long legs!

Now this blonde hottie blonde is a damn fine woman, check her out here in this strip tease video featuring all her naughty tease shows on WWF and a wet T shirt contest. Stacy Keibler must be one of the hottest female specimens that you can find on planet Earth with legs that go on for miles, great ass, sexy tanned body and beautiful boobs – simply mind blowing!

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