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Forget X Factor When You Have XXX Factor And A Stripper From Holland

Okay for all you British viewers you will definetly know what X factor is but there strangely is also a show called XXX Factor. Although the name suggests that the show is all about porn and adult entertainent you will be wrong as they are especially against any nudity. Any way an amateur female stripper appears on the show who wanted to do a strip show in order t warm up for her stripper audition that she has in a strip club later in the week. Good idea, why not perform in front of 100’s of viewers that way when you have to perform infront of your potential strip club owner it will be a piece of cake.

Although this stripper from Holland gives an extremely sexy strip and then mixes it up with a sudden change in personality by stabbing to death a cuddly bear that judges just hated it. Have a look for yourself….

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