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Naughty amateur strippers does her striptease audition video to become a nude virtual girl!

Very sexy amateur stripper auditions to become a virtual stripper and here you can see her stripping out of a leopard pattern out of and some sexy lingerie too.

This video also give you an idea of just how sexy these girls are and how erotically they dance and perform striptease, but the real action starts when you download their strip shows to view direct on your desktop!

Big titty stripper blows strip club boss to get job after her audition!

So what does a female stripper do when she performs in front of her potential strip club boss and he is not impressed? Well as a last resort this blonde big boobs stripper told her boss that she has other skills and called him onto the stage. Her sexy body and big boobs are so hot that when she pulled down her bosses jeans he already had a throbing cock and then she gave him the best blow job to secure her place at the strip club!

Hot Blonde Big Boobs Stipper Pole Audition

Have a look at this hot blonde girl who is doing her audition infront of the boss to get a job at this high class joint. She struts her stuff around the stripper pole and then eventually reveals her assets – her big boobs! Check her out!

A very sexy girl at her very first stripper audition for a job at a top US strip club performing an awesome pole dance

There is not much or any information especially in a video format that shows in detail how any female stripper on the pole does an audition for a job. This footage is quite rare and shows a very sexy girl with long legs, high heels, short skirt and an athletic sexy body that had been applying to be a stripper and got this audition to make her break into the pole dancing arena.

She is very flexible and artistic on the pole and you even hear some of the audience just saying “Wow, wow”. Overall she has a very well put together routine and has all the moves to have made this pole dance audition a success. Although she does not go naked in this footage, when she does work on her first night, the lighting, atmosphere of the clubs, her pole dance routine combined with her doing a nude striptease will definitely make her mind blowing.

After this females strippers audition she is asked if will do extras for the customers

So it goes really well for this female stripper and after her audition on the stripper pole she gets the thumbs up from the black strip club boss. However he does not mention giving her the job and instead goes quite in a deep thought of mind. The stripper gets a bit impatient and as she is just standing their naked doing nothing asks if she can go. The boss slowly walks towards her and puts his hand on her heavly scented shoulder (probably Burberry for women) and says “you got the job but can you please my customers in the back room with some extras”?

She does not say anything in return but removes the bosses hand from her shoulder and instead puts her hand on the bosses should to indicate to him to sit on the lap dancing chair. She simply without saying anything or touching him has his cock erect and stands over him and then sits on his cock and starts riding him.

The boss is really enjoying this and obviously the stripper audition has extended into this rating of her chocolate pussy. This then moves on to her giving him a blow job and she really puts in the effort sucking his cock and balls as she needs the job. He cums all over her face and both being happy she asks if she can have a shower and at his approval the leave the stage. No doubt she got the job but it just goes to show the relationship between strip clubs and prostitution.

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