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Penelope Cruz sexy strip pole dance for customer

No idea from what film this striptease video clip is taken from but you will quickly see that it is Penelope Cruz like you have never seen her before! I looks like she has been booked as a stripper to someone appartment and a very lucky guy gets to see Penelope Cruz strip down to her lingerie and then perform a very hot pole dance….

…if anyone knows what film this is from just write a comment!

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Sexy strip club action with pole dance, striptease and xxx action!

So the guys are out and have decided to visit a down town strip club and ontage comes this sexy light brown haired beauty who just wants to give the guys a striptease performance that they will never forget!

She is confident and gets stright to it taking of her clothes and getting up close with the guys. She tease the guys so much that like dogs they want to get even more close up action and she wants it to.

She leads them on with seductive body moves and by then one of the guys who got a whiff of her juicy pussy just starts licking her pussy.

Now as you know it is suppose to be no touching but the stripper has not had sex in a long time and the feel of that toungue on her clit just blows her mind and she wants more than just her pussy licked but to see the rest of what this stripper gets up-to just get the rest of this xxx action sex video by clicking on the link when the video finishes.


More Female Strippers Such As Sam Remmer Try And Tease Young Boys In Puberty Early At Schools

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A ploy by UK schools to use female strippers in order to get young boys into puberty and maturity to get jobs and exit the recession?

It is not long ago that there was an uproar about a German teacher who decided to treat her 15 old boys from her class to an amateur sexy strip tease and now we have another school sexy strip performance.

So is this a ploy by UK schools working with the government in a cruel attempt to get more skilled workers into jobs by making these young boys go into puberty early and into manhood?

A huge row has taken place in the further education system after they had hired a female stripper and pole dancer by the name of Sam Remmer to do a performance in the name of ‘Art & Dance’ to secretely lure young men into the work force went and back fired on them as the sexy tease video found itself on You Tube putting pressure on the school to distance itself from an underhanded techniques.

The 1000 young boys all hormone fuelled enhanced the pole dancers performance because she actually fed of all the energy that the testosterone levels produced in the school gym hall. Although you cannot see it Sam Remmer actually has vaginal secretion dripping off the stripper pole through getting turned on by the 1000 little boys.

Here is the performace that Sam Remmer performed for the little hormone filled boys:

Although the sexy pole dance does not seem to be so sinful the performer does have links with more seedier places such as underground strip clubs and back room lap dances and a glimpse of the darker side is shown in this performance:

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Rose McGowan Erotic Striptease And Pole Dance In The Film Planet Terror

I have not seen this film featuring Rose McGowan doing this erotic striptease and pole dance routine but it sure is erotic. It appears to bring back what strip clubs use to be all about, being sleazy places. With a 70’s feel to this video clip the sleazyness is sure there and reminds you of walking down a red light district for the first time, for me it would have been London Soho. All those girls standing at the doors of brothels and the shabby strip clubs with the XXX signs or GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.

It also conjours up the thought of Rose McGowan acting as a drug fuled stripper enjoying the release from every day normal life but in return having her body and mind punish her from time to time resulting in her random break downs.

Its amazing what this trailer clip for the film Planet Terror can make you think, but definitely has the XXX sleaze factor

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A very sexy girl at her very first stripper audition for a job at a top US strip club performing an awesome pole dance

There is not much or any information especially in a video format that shows in detail how any female stripper on the pole does an audition for a job. This footage is quite rare and shows a very sexy girl with long legs, high heels, short skirt and an athletic sexy body that had been applying to be a stripper and got this audition to make her break into the pole dancing arena.

She is very flexible and artistic on the pole and you even hear some of the audience just saying “Wow, wow”. Overall she has a very well put together routine and has all the moves to have made this pole dance audition a success. Although she does not go naked in this footage, when she does work on her first night, the lighting, atmosphere of the clubs, her pole dance routine combined with her doing a nude striptease will definitely make her mind blowing.

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