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A very sexy girl at her very first stripper audition for a job at a top US strip club performing an awesome pole dance

There is not much or any information especially in a video format that shows in detail how any female stripper on the pole does an audition for a job. This footage is quite rare and shows a very sexy girl with long legs, high heels, short skirt and an athletic sexy body that had been applying to be a stripper and got this audition to make her break into the pole dancing arena.

She is very flexible and artistic on the pole and you even hear some of the audience just saying “Wow, wow”. Overall she has a very well put together routine and has all the moves to have made this pole dance audition a success. Although she does not go naked in this footage, when she does work on her first night, the lighting, atmosphere of the clubs, her pole dance routine combined with her doing a nude striptease will definitely make her mind blowing.

Female Stripper Gets Tested Whether She Can Handle The Pole Before Giving Her The Job

Another want to be stripper walks into the office of a strip club bar asking to be auditioned so that she can perform striptease acts, pole dances and private backroom nude lap dances to earn her self a living.

As usual the boss never declines but always insists that the audition for any potential stripper is hands on. Not hands on from the girl as it is usuall prohibited from the punter to touch but for the boss to see if she can handle the “pole”!

The pole being his large cock and its not going in her pussy either, she is fucked hard up the ass and it proves to him that if she works for him then she is likely to be submissive to him and a hard worker so she is likely to be employed.

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Real UK London amateur female stripper audition practising before the boss arrives

A real insight into the big day of two UK female strippers auditions only hours before their big performance infront of a London strib club boss.

From the video you can clearly see that they are genuine UK amateur female strippers as there moves at the beginning are far from those of a professional female stripper.

Just like any other job interview people try and exchange notes while they can just incase they may have forgot something or to learn something new. This is exactly what these London amateur female strippers are doing just checking out each others moves and trying to help each other.

Regardless of being amateur girls they really do look sexy one wearing just a bikini and thong and the other in a sexy red small dress wearing the traditional clear sole high heel hooker shoes.

They practice hard but then the nerves get to one of them and she wants to go for a piss but carries on practising. Well she tries any way before doing some hot piss on this floor – so what do we call this then a piss striptease? She just stands there pissing for about a minutes and if that was infront of hundreds of men they may have got turned on from this dirty exhibition.

Her collegue decided to give her a good spanking because they only have about half an hour or so before the real thing but it suddenly appears that they have other thing on their minds, perhaps a lesbian striptease? Maybe they are falling for each other. Any how the other girl in red also seems to think this is a really cool move and also does a piss striptease will the other stripper girl squats down fingering herself in enjoyment of watching this watersport.

Totally filthy bitches ejoying each others piss and even licking it off the floor before getting of with each others and taking it into the corner for some deep french kissing. If you want to see what happens when the boss comes then click here to join and see the rest of this XXX amateur female stripper actions which includes lesbian pussy licking, dildo shows and much more! To see the full video it is only $1!

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Black strip club owner tests a white female stripper with a hands on audition

These image are taken from a females stripper job interview with a black owner of a lap dancing club.

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Is it just the Americans that seem to be testing out the girls in this fashion. What I mean is these lucky cunts are actually fucking these hot female strippers as a way of seeing if the girls would be a good worker at a pole dancing and stripping job.

I sure do wish I was the boss!

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