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One Of The Dirtiest Lap Dance Strip Shows

I have probably watched this video three times now and it should be used by all amateur strippers as an inspirational sexy strip video becuase boy oh boy is this stripper hot. So hot she makes the guy fucking cuM!

It is from the video “Lap dance”…. It all starts with the boss giving advice to an amateur stripping just joining the scene. The new girl be naive is told that if she wants to keep the job she must give him a blowjob – what a pimp!

Anyway – it follows with a couple who walk into this strip clubs and then there comes on stage one of the leading strippers who starts her pole dance and strip routine to the music of Prince. For some reason she seems to be aggitated by the woman in the couple that had earlied walked in.

Don’t know why the stripper gets upset, will have to watch the film to find out unless one of you guys know please post the reason here.

So it seems the guy is being tested by his partner who ask if he likes the stripper but in a obviously kind way the guy replies that he does not like the stripper but the woman insists on getting him a lap dance, lol can any guy refuse that?

She exchanges more eye contact with the stripper who’s name I do not know and purrs her on with gestures using her lips – almost saying “I want you sexy babe”. This does not go down well with the girl on stage who almost takes it offensively and abruptly walks off stage to the backroom only to have a quarrell with her boss.

I tell you what I wish I was at the strip joint the girls are hot. Back out at the front in with all the punters, Heather the stripper, is trying to hustle up some business for herself but then is whisked away by her collegue only to be told that she must give that couple a lap dance and the boss over hears and then sends her to the couple to earn some money.

Well she cannot disobey her boss otherwise her lap dancing career will be over so she walks along and intriduces herself to the couple and the girl from the couple asks that they are both given a lap dance together but Heather refuses so the girl raises the stakes to $500 while flirting with her in a lesbian lover fashion and then snidey boss seals the deal.

This is where the heat is turned up as they head towards the private live show area of the strip club with the couple. The guy Zac takes the hot seat and his partner sits infront snorting cocaine to watch the show. Heather wastes no time and start the most erotic dirty lapdance that every stripper should learn to do. Not only does Zac get the attention but Heather subtly also tease Zac’s partner who is also getting turned on hard. Heather seriously has one toned sexy body who then quickly turns up the heat and sits on Zac’s erect cock and although fully clothed she manages to fuck his erect cock as she frantically rubs her pussy to send him into an orgasm!

Where the hell can I find a female stripper or lap dancer to give me such a dance that I also shoot my load?

All I can say is that this scene is hot and probably the best sexy strip video I have seen. I still want find out why Heather and Zac’s partner have an issue with each other, will have to rent the film this week I guess…..

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