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Indian Escort Boom And (Sari) Saree Stripping In Western Countries Making Big Money

Indian Escort Boom And (Sari) Saree Stripping In Western Countries Making Big Money

As India’s Economy Grows It Brings Along Entrepreneurial Indian Women Out To Make Big Money

Without a doubt not only will we see India’s economy boom but also as we can see in any other country a boom in the sex trade. Indians although the creators of the Kama Sutra are very conservative when it comes to everyday sex and the use of sex in their surroundings. However this is all taking a change since people are earning more, want more, have Cable TV and want to do things the Western way. Infact India has become such an attraction to make money through the sex trade that we have Western prostitutes going to live in affluent parts of India to bank huge amounts of money. We catch up with Stella who is an Irish escort and she tells us:

“I though i’d be adventurous and after working in Dublin and the in London for a while I light bulb situation occurred and I realised that I could make more money in the booming industry of India than here since I would be a unique service over there! I packed my bags and landed in Mumbai and had to market myself to the rich who would be willing to pay some time with a sexy woman like myself. I am now making $5000 for every appointment whereas back home I would have only made $600 – there is no going back now since I am minting it here!”

Indian Escorts In London Also In High Demand

Indian Escorts

A few Indian girls have dared to become Indian escorts in London. They are scared because Indian people being in such small numbers in the UK remain a tight community and do not want people to know that they are escorts since the risks are too high for them that someone close might find out. So this is your chance to get it on with some very rare stunning Indian girls.

These Indian girls are real stunners and just have a huge appetite for meeting men like you and have decided to go into a career of being an Indian escort in London but only market themselves with blurred pictures of themselves as the risk of their friends or family finding out is high. However the handful of genuine British Indian escort does exist, mostly in the London area and because there is such high demand for the real thing they are fully booked all the time especially because they provide one of the best escort services in London….


Indian escort yasmin in massage parlour in London

See For Yourself Indian Girls Even Saree Stripping On Live Webcams

This is sneak peak at the many girls that we have mentioned above for you to go and visit for live sex with indian desi girls. LusciousIndian is a sexy and large PREGNANT INDIAN woman just waiting to explode with her cum filled titties. She is hornier than ever now because her hormones are all over the place as she is pregnant and just wants to get fucked in all her tight holes just your pleasure….

Hot Indian Amateur Stripper

Her obvious speciality is obviously saree striptease and also filling her anus up with red hot chillies and getting fucked by you bareback until she cums!

Indian Stripping
Amrithababy sex indian whore

CourtneyShane indian chick

Indiandream hooker

Indianspice kanjaree

Pakistani Girl’s Don’t Want To Miss Out Either On Making Big Bucks Selling Pussy!

MayaRahull paki prostitute

shahrazad pakistani girl

Elite Kanjaree Direct From Mumbai India Does Webcam Sex Shows

Another girl that has recently popped up that is also worth checking out is the dirty Indian girl SassyRia who does live sex shows direct from her brothel quarters!

Indian Kanjaree SassyRia

Indian Kanjaree SassyRia

Indian rondas wants cock while her husband is at work

This Indian slut is not getting enough cock since her IT husband is always working hard and never at home to give her some cock. She is so desperate for cock that she is now working as an Indian escort and as an Indian cam girl… she wants cock!

Indian Amateur Desperate House Wife

Indian Amateur Desperate House Wife

Another Indian banjoyt kanjaree!

This is a proper Indian girl that wants chillies stuck in her pussy and ass and then raped – check her out on live cam:

indian rose cam girl slumdog whore

indian rose cam girl slumdog whore

Direct From A Kanjar Khana Above A Shop In Mumbai

Indian Escort and cam girl

Indian Escort and cam girl

Search For Indian Girls Stripping And Getting Fucked

Search for more Indian girls that have entered the porn industry with this search facility. Just type in the word “Indian” and you will get all the videos with girls stripping their sarees off and having sex!

Search 2,000,000+ Videos!

Indian Girls Fly To The West To Entertain Wealthy Men In Top Clubs And Bars Doing Saree Stripping

So what about the Indian girls? Well the trend is that as India becomes a bigger international country everyday the Indian influence reaches other countries in the West and men are willing to pay big money for something new.

The new hype in the West in countries like Canada for example is the new entertainment of hot women doing saree stripping Toronto style. Although the saree is a traditional Indian garment it covers up most of the body girls can dress themselves to show small amounts of sexy skin which makes men go crazy and want to rip it off and that is why Indian women providing this saree stripping service are in huge demand with the well paid middle and upper class men.

This new way of strip shows has had so much attraction that the demand is out stripping the supply and those who are working in this trade are enjoying big salaries working in US top hotels providing sari stripping behind the closed doors. In fact this new sexy service has even caught the eyes of politicians, Bollywood directors who want to get a piece of the pie in this new type of Indian sexual display.

“Men are hungry for Sari Stripping!”

A quick keyword search at NOW’s adult classifieds section reveals 50 matches for “Bollywood,” but unfortunately, I didn’t have the $100 to spare a half hour’s time of an Indian escort. Not all the girls in the ad photos wore saris, either. But there were definitely some.

Rani – “The girls like me go over to America and Canada to do saree strip shows because we often come from a poor background and have now found a quick way to make money”

How far is this new striptease action going? Well from an underground source we have found out that in the United States clubs are advertising sari stripping, as well.

Is this all just a load of bakwaas(bull shit)? Well we decided to do the dirty work for you and we popped into a nightclub featuring these hot Indian girls over the weekend. The scene was like out of an Indian film, all the men were sitting in a circle to create a centre stage and liqueur was being passed freely around ‘by the bottle’. Each of the guys had a replica rifle and sat there being very rowdy and imitating gun shot sounds and then suddenly a hot Indian girl bursts onto the stage wearing a sexy saree and I have to admit even I got a boner! The lights dimed quickly and some Bollywood music started as she started doing her saree stripping routine as well as the many dollar bills being thrown in the air and at her body – this was a truly erotic scene and no wonder guys pay so much to watch this kind of action!

We asked Rani about how many girls she estimated to be working in the industry:

Rani – “well from what I have noted through speaking to my sari strippers friends, it definitely is more than a hundred. These girls are really educated too they speak fluent English, are brought up in the West and have Indian heritage but have a keen eye to make money and they know they can earn big bucks doing this!”

What Other Effects Is All This Liberal Sex Having On Bollywood Movie Sector?

Janki Shah’s topless scene in Shaque blue Bollywood film makes mainstream Indian actors also want to kiss in films and have real sex. Top Bollywood actors and actresses are now openly saying that they want to feel flesh against flesh when doing sex scenes instead of a flower dropping on the ground and the screen going blank.

Well to wrap this all up we can conclude that desi Indian girls whether born in India or in the West are making big money through the art of saree stripping. Western escorts (prostitutes) are making big money by doing the opposite and actually moving to India to show off their white skin and command huge sums of money. The Indian economic boom is creating more wealthier people who just want more liberal sex.

The above film clip is an example of pre-liberal sexual thought days only about 1.5 years ago and so much has changed in such small time that Indian bollywood actresses are now not only doing dirty dancing but are getting into fully fledged pussy penetrative Indian porn films like in the following clip:

Get more Indian girls stripping their sari’s off and having full on sex here!

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