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Do You Remember Pamela Anderson Sexy Strip Tease Show In The Film Barb Wire?

Even today Pamela Anderson is such a big star and the films that she has stared in are still talked about. It was said a few years after her initial fame on the TV series Baywatch that she was responsible for making the many teenage boys go into puberty early.

In fact in her early career Pamela Anderson was such a head turner with her legendary boobs that when posters where put up of her throughout London she hit the news headlines for her sexy poster making many motorists crach their cars as they gazed at her body and forgot to pay attention to the road.

In our film section her at Amateur Sexy Strip we are featuring the Pamela Anderson Barb Wire film clip where you can go back into time and watch Pamela Anderson strip.

Hope this video clip brings back memories for you and for those who missed her time of fame will definitely realise that she was a big star and still is.

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