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Three Hot Girls Caught By Daddy Playing Strip Poker With A Stranger

This is probably any dads nightmare to catch any of his daughters with a complete stranger who they picked up at the club last night and about to get naked in this strip poker video. This guy gets busted just as all three girls lose their hand at strip poker and about to take of their tops to show there sexy boobs, the crazy dad walks in mad?

However, you guys know how the guy pulled these three hot girls and got them to play strip poker, right? I think I am going to get myself the same body spray!


If you cannot view this strip poker video after pressing play, you will need to download Microsoft Media player.

Strip Poker Video With Sexy Girl With Big Boobs And Bruce Willis From The Movie Die Hard

Umm um ummmmmmmm – those sure are yummy big boobs in this strip poker video with sexy girl and not to forget Bruce Willis from the movie Die Hard.

All you have to do is press play and forget Bruce Willis, forget all the other characters and just feast your eyes on those lovely big boobs of this very attractive sexy girl playing strip poker.

Girl Plays Strip Poker To Lose And Then Hustles Guy For Money And Wins

The hustler gets hustled at a game of strip poker

For all you guys out there how may think that your girlfriend is stupid they are probably always one up on you and maybe even let you win all the time to stroke your ego; who knows! Any way if you are thinking of trying to hustle your girlfriend at strip poker make sure she really does not know how to play poker otherwise it will be you leaving the game not only without any money but obviously without your clothes.

Lol – the guy in this video thinks he is such a stud trying to play this sexy hot girl at poker, its quite funny but I must thank him for trying and the babe for playing along because she its hot!!!!! “Triple oil field royal blacks”, ha ha haa! Wow, nice breasts!

She is such a sexy hustler.

Why not get one of these girls to play strip poker and then fuck them afterwards too?

Guy Plays Strip Poker With Two Hot Girls And Wife Comes Home

Well talk about making amateur striptease and what a better way to do it than inviting two hot girls from next door for a game of strip poker? 

Well actually this guy is kind of sneaky because he did not actually tell the girls that they would be playing strip poker but has just called them over to get to know them.  To break the ice he tells them what kind of card game they will be playing and from the start you can tell that they are up for some naughty fun anyway.

Just check out the girls playing poker as they take off their clothes.  This guys must be a lucky fucker!  The bras come off, the titties come out and the wife comes in after having been to the grocery store, damn!

You must be thinking this guy is busted playing strip poker with two girls who are now fully naked, right? ……

watch what happens……