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Real UK London amateur female stripper audition practising before the boss arrives

A real insight into the big day of two UK female strippers auditions only hours before their big performance infront of a London strib club boss.

From the video you can clearly see that they are genuine UK amateur female strippers as there moves at the beginning are far from those of a professional female stripper.

Just like any other job interview people try and exchange notes while they can just incase they may have forgot something or to learn something new. This is exactly what these London amateur female strippers are doing just checking out each others moves and trying to help each other.

Regardless of being amateur girls they really do look sexy one wearing just a bikini and thong and the other in a sexy red small dress wearing the traditional clear sole high heel hooker shoes.

They practice hard but then the nerves get to one of them and she wants to go for a piss but carries on practising. Well she tries any way before doing some hot piss on this floor – so what do we call this then a piss striptease? She just stands there pissing for about a minutes and if that was infront of hundreds of men they may have got turned on from this dirty exhibition.

Her collegue decided to give her a good spanking because they only have about half an hour or so before the real thing but it suddenly appears that they have other thing on their minds, perhaps a lesbian striptease? Maybe they are falling for each other. Any how the other girl in red also seems to think this is a really cool move and also does a piss striptease will the other stripper girl squats down fingering herself in enjoyment of watching this watersport.

Totally filthy bitches ejoying each others piss and even licking it off the floor before getting of with each others and taking it into the corner for some deep french kissing. If you want to see what happens when the boss comes then click here to join and see the rest of this XXX amateur female stripper actions which includes lesbian pussy licking, dildo shows and much more! To see the full video it is only $1!

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Black strip club owner tests a white female stripper with a hands on audition

These image are taken from a females stripper job interview with a black owner of a lap dancing club.

[svgallery name="Bone My White Ass Black And Hard"]

Is it just the Americans that seem to be testing out the girls in this fashion. What I mean is these lucky cunts are actually fucking these hot female strippers as a way of seeing if the girls would be a good worker at a pole dancing and stripping job.

I sure do wish I was the boss!

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What A Way To Start Your Lap Dancing Career!

Well well well, this is something that needs to happen a bit more often – girls walk into stores and ask whether or not you want a FREE lapdance. I can’t tell whether or not in this video it is a challenge that thip lap dancer is involved in or what but she has walked into a store and is virtually begging to give a FREE lapdance and need a volunteer.

Oh cool she has to give a lap dance for FREE in a public store to get a lapdance job in strip bar. This is a part of her interview selection and it shows that she is confident and probably has the guts to work in the strip industry.

She then continues two search for more guys to give sexy lapdances and boy oh boy when she gives these lapdance she really knows how to use her ass, pussy and body to arouse her participant. Did I say she gives guys lapdances? Well as part of her final lapdance of the day she actually give a sexy number to a random woman off the street. She kind of becomes ditant with the female participant but then realises she must put in more effort so turns up the heat by aggressively rubbing her pussy and ass – awesome! Well lets just hope she got the job through these public auditions.

Hot Blonde Stripper Tries To Impress Strip Club Boss To Get Job

A super hot blonde bombshell is feeling the credit crunch in the times of recession and like many others has lost her day job because her company was laying off staff. This girl is a fighter and instead of just sitting their and watch her house get taking she decides to get a job as a stripper and use her super sexy tanned fit body to earn big bucks. She really is money driven and won’t let any one get in the way of her earning her money – not even her potential boss.

This video shows her interview day where the was tests her out to see if she has the potential to be a female stripper at his joint. He does not waste time and no her interview does not start at the stripping pole but on the bosses desk! It is required that she is to do a few extras on the jobs so she is stripped naked to show off that hot money making body and is fucked hard.

She treats her boss like a real lover and there is no sense of her being an amateur at this game even though she has never done it before. She really turn on the slut factor and urges her boss to fuck her harder and harder with her legs in the air and he just gets tired because she is too much for him and decides to cum all over her face until the second round of sex which tests whther her breasts are up to the stage performance as she is tit fucked.

So far she passes in flying colours and get the job eventually that night to perform strip shows at the club. If you want to see more footage of actual stripping on her jobs then follow this way ->

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Where did your black mamma go to get a job, the strip club?

Okay guys this is a real story so no one laugh but my mates mum got the best job in the world. After a few years of being a house wife she decided to become a bit more active and wanted to get a job. So she was a really sexy woman but by staying at home she had put on a few pounds and to get rid of it she started jogging every morning.

She told her husband that she now wanted to becoe a gym instructor and she carried on with her weight loss routine and in about six months she was looking like one of the hottest black girls in town even at the age of 35. She was so hot that even little teen boys would chase after her.

Things took a turn after her husband suddenly died from a Viagra overdose giving him a heart attack. He was the money maker but now she was left with a 2 year old and a 16 year old son to look after.

Believe it or not the family did not financially suffer becuase every night she would teach at her gym class until the sports center closed down forcing her to have to work in a hoochie bar as she could not travel away to get a job. To top it all off the country went into recession and she had to work her bad ass off day and night with other female black strippers to put the meals on the table.

Check it out this is the most real thing that you will get to her first day at work as a black amateur stripper. The americans sure know how to put on a show and the pimps know how to recruit the best female strippers into the hoochie bars!

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Im In Love With A Stripper – Your Black Booty Shaking Mamma!

Have you ever fallen in love with a stripper, believe all the girls that work in strip bars are real con artists and know how to make your fantasies come true for a few dollar bills. Infact they can make you fall head over heels for them with that sexy body, beautiful milky breasts, super hot legs and all the small talk just to get some money out of you.

Check it out ‘im in love with a stripper’ – by Akon remix – the guys know what a real bad ass female black stripper is all about!

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