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Black Girls Want To Go From Amateurs To Pros Have Stripper Auditions

Have you ever watched one of those American gangster films featuring those booty shaking black strippers? You know like those girls featuring in the Snoop Dogg music porn DVD’s? Well guess what that shit is for real, all those songs about black amateur stripper making money while their kid is home she is trying to make a living. We have an exlusive insight into real black female strippers working their asses off in the strip clubs

The following video features two gangsta strippers who are on the job for the first day doing auditions for their boss. You must be wondering well for a bunch of amateur female strippers they can sure shake their ass. Well have you ever thought why so many girls post videos of themselves shaking their asses on places like Youtube? Let me tell you why all those sexy girls are potential future strippers practising their moves online to get use to the idea of taking their clothes off for many men. Once they are comfortable doing their thing online they apply to work in real strip clubs ready with all the dancer moves required to work for real! Did you know that?

Black stripper wants pimps attention

Shanin tries hard to get the attention of the titty bar boss by showing off her pussy hole while doing her striptease number in order to secure her job at the club.

Girls go to pole for some black on black striptease action

The competition in the strip joint heats up as her rival job applicants get booty shaking big time!

Black female stripper does striptease hardcore style

Shanin gets pissed off at her competitors moves and decides to go full out and strips off all her clothes and gets freaky on the floor with her legs in the air and then turn it into a hardcore show by fingeringering her pussy showing her pink insides and then cumming all over the floor.

Black strippers rubbing pussy

Shanin and the other girl get worried of both not getting the job so they team up and get into some black lesbian stripper action rubbing pussy and anus on each other – the crowed is loving it!!!!!

This video is posted by a strip club fanatic who enjoys getting those sexy girls American style. His freestyle features his stroies of his strip club adventures – “biatch!”

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2 comments to Black Girls Want To Go From Amateurs To Pros Have Stripper Auditions

  • NixieLP

    Hi, I am starting an online host site. I was wondering if there is any girls that need work. I hope this is not to forward of me, but I am not all clued up with how the industry works. If you can just reply it would be great.

  • Pimp

    What do you mean online host site? You mean like Cam Girl Pix?

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